Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Gift FROM Me, or A Gift TO me?

When Ryan and I first began thinking about adoption, my initial thoughts were that I was somehow "saving" a child.  I would be taking a baby into my home and pouring all of my love into that little life, and in doing so, giving them things that they couldn't have without me.  Adopting a baby was a sacrifice of my money, time, love, energy, and life so that one child could grow up in a better home. 
As we are faced with the fact that Layla is due in 3 weeks time, and we'll get to hold our baby for the very first time, I find that my opinions and feelings toward our adoption have changed drastically.  We aren't saving Layla.  We aren't saving E, her birth mother.  In a way that I can't quite grasp yet, they may be saving us.  E has shown me, more than any other person, what it looks like to sacrifice yourself for someone else.  She has been carrying and caring for a tiny little treasure that God created for the past 9 months, knowing that she would receive nothing in return for her love and diligence.  Her entire life has been put on hold, just so that she could carry the baby that I couldn't.  Adoption has nothing to do with me giving a gift.   Adoption is God's gift to me.

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  1. I just want you to know that this made me sob for you... it's such a beautiful gift that you get at the end (or is it only just the beginning?) of this journey. I can't wait until this blog changes over from anticipation of when you'll get to hold her to the excitement of having her in your arms.

    -Sarah Brittany


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