Friday, September 23, 2011

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen....

Ice is back with a brand new addition....." 

Sorry I got carried away with that one.  I'm not completely sure why I started singing that song, but I do have some news about a couple of things.

1) We're postponing our trip to the Congo until Fall '12.  A couple of things fell through for the March trip, and honestly it just wasn't the right timing.  I'm dissapointed that we aren't going in March, because I CAN'T WAIT to get over there and love on some kids that are so desperate for attention.  BUT, logistically it is better for me to wait until next fall.  Layla will be a year old by then and I will be completely done with school (HOORAY!)  I've also felt a real burden to push fundraisers for the actual building of the orphanage and not so much for my own travel.  I know that pushing the trip back a bit so we can focus on giving those kids in Kinshasa a place to sleep at night is the right thing to do.  But don't worry,  my heart is definately still here:

2) My little booger turned 2 months old yesterday, and 9 weeks old today!  Her daddy took her to the doctor to get her first set of vaccinations.  :(  I'm not going to lie, I'm glad I wasn't there.  I'm going to take and actually hopefully post some new pictures of her tomorrow or Sunday.  I just got this AMAZING new photo editing software so maybe they will actually look good.

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