Thursday, October 6, 2011


I feel like such a slacker lately when it comes to being a mom and capturing all of Layla's fun little quirks on camera, etc.  She is growing up soooo fast and I feel like I'm missing so much.  She's going to be 11 Weeks old tomorrow..... WHAT?  

So this is what she's been up to lately:
  • Layla LOVES to try and stand up.  She thinks it is the best thing ever.  Seriously.  If she won't stop fussing, I let her stand up and just use my hands to balance her and she gets soooo pumped. 
  • She's trying really hard to figure out how to laugh. When she is happy or thinks something is funny she kind of forces this weird sounding laugh out.  Then she gets mad because it doesn't feel or sound right.
  • She spends a lot of time playing with her baby einstein mat and toys. 
  • She sleeps through the night!  Enough said....
  • She's just now starting to fit into her 3 month clothes. 
  • Layla's eating a whopping 5 ounces at a time now.  We'll move up to 6 once she hits the 12 lb mark.
  • She weighed in at 11 lbs 2 oz at her last appointment.
  • Layla has taken a liking to hair.  She likes my hair, her grandma's hair, and her own hair.  Her favorite activity is to pull on said hair.  Every once in a while she will get a grip on her own hair and give it a yank and scream bloody murder.  It hurts so she pulls harder...... She only quits screaming when you pry her fingers out of her hair.  Genius.
  • She can roll over from her stomach to her back easily now. 
  • Her hair is still super soft, but its VERY curly.  Ringlet curls too.
  • Layla loves music, especially Dave Matthews Band.   I have no idea why....


  1. If you're a slacker, I'm a slacker. I didn't write Zoe's first month post until 2 weeks later.

    I think it's mandatory mom stuff to be constantly playing catch up. Seriously.

  2. Don't get trapped by the "mom guilt" syndrome. It just makes you feel worse. They grow up and change way too fast to concentrate too much on what you are missing.
    I like the comment about hair. Maybe that will be her chosen childhood profession. Emily's is accessorizing.


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