Thursday, September 6, 2012


It's pretty sad when you can't remember the last time you wrote a post.....

Life has been, well, changing.  Layla is 13 months old. I'm officially a stay-at-home-mom.  Ryan is working in charleston. Tomorrow is the start of moving weekend for the rest of us as our apartment is finally ready. I'm officially a USC grad. A couple of other stuff has been going on as well but I won't share about that for a bit longer.....

One thing I can say through all of this change is that Ryan and I are beyond certain that God is moving us to Charleston for a reason and we are super pumped to finally be getting there this weekend. I'm also beyond excited to have my own home again, even if it is a two bedroom apartment. Living with other people is HARD. It's like having roommates again... Except with a one year old thrown in for extra craziness. :) Layla has seemed pretty oblivious to it all. Lucky her....

Regardless, I'll be so happy to get my sweet pup back home. I've seriously been missing Maddox  this last month at home. I know Layla and I could use the company during the day. On a side note: hooray for Kit for informing me that Kiawa is a dog-friendly leash free beach. I will most likely be spending my Monday afternoon there with my favorite people and furry friend.

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  1. I know you have to be excited about having your own things around again. A place you call yours and feel like it is. Once you get things settled I hope that you will have time again to do fun things and write more posts.
    I have canvas for you...but you probably know that.


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