Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homestudy Madness

Saturday morning Kelly, our social worker, came over for our big homestudy visit.  We are soooo incredibly lucky to have been matched up with someone who has A) just recently adopted so she knows all of the ropes and what to expect B) goes to our church C) is super enthusiastic and wants to offer any help she can give.  Everything went smoothly.  Ryan only said a couple of things that I chocked up to him not having slept since the day before.  :)  Maddox even seemed to behave himself pretty well.  I almost started laughing mid-question when I looked down and realized that Maddox was sitting right in front of Ryan and I, looking directly at Kelly, as if to say "Ok, here I am.  Aren't you going to ask about my upbringing and puppyhood?"  Thankfully, Kelly likes dogs.

We only have a couple of tiny things to do to finish up the homestudy.  Well, I say "tiny," but I really mean "things that we've been putting off until last minute.  My main challenge this week will be to try and work on my letter to the birth mother.  I've been racking my brain for days now, and I'm not sure I'm any closer to know what to write then I was 2 months ago. 

Other good news:  After two months of craziness, my horse has finally returned to his normal self.  I was lucky enough this past weekend to get to ride him twice.  I can't wait until its warmer out so I can give him a MUCH needed bath.  I've given up trying to get him clean.  3 or 4 months worth of rolling around in mud and sand and snow have basically rendered all hopes of him being clean without a thorough washing pointless.

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