Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lace and Flowers Giveaway!

So I've been working on a couple of DIY projects for me. I finally have them perfected and decided that since I love them so much, then perhaps all of you ladies would too. I may work on a tutorial for them eventually, but for now getting the finished project for free will have to do. So without further ado, check out these super sweet, super cute lace earrings and rosette bracelet.

To Enter:  
Become a Follower of TheCookoosNest
Leave a comment below saying "PICK ME! PICK ME!", tell me how cute Layla is (JK), and  let me know that you're a follower.  

The Winner will be chosen by random on Friday at Noon.

Pretty simple huh?  Honestly I just want to know who's reading and who's not.  So lucky you gets a chance to win some free stuff just to appease my curiosity.  :)    


  1. Pick me pick me pick me.... Layla is absolutely precious :)... and I totally enjoy reading your blog! ~cricket

  2. You can pick me too. Alright, I will follow your instructions...PICK ME! PICK ME! And Layla is completely adorable. And your husband thinks I stalk you so there is no need to worry about me not following you.

  3. pick me, pick me???pretty please! Your earings were super cute today, i had no idea that you made them! awesome!

  4. Pick me, pick me! You know I absolutey love Layla and think she is so preciou :)! You should be proud because your blog is the only one I follow!


  5. ME, ME, ME, ME instead of the earrings I would love to have Leyla! She is absolutely a beautiful little Princess. In His Love, Bobbie Kelley

  6. MAHHHHHH. no really. pick me. i'm a big fan of the earrings and the bracelet! So much fun!

  7. Anna you should definitely pick me. we have the same name and everything. it just makes sense :) jk. but no really...

  8. Pick me! Layla is so adorable and needs to meet Miss Lily! They will be great friends! Chelsey Feus

  9. Please post the how to--I love them!


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