Friday, March 2, 2012

Missions In Our Own Backyard

God's got some MAJOR things in the works with our family right now.  For a while after we got married, we felt like we couldn't really find any ministries/mission opportunities to plug ourselves into.  So a couple of months ago, we asked the Spirit to start doing some work and let us be a part of it.  Basically, we shoved our little family into the passenger seat of a speeding car that God was driving and said "Let's Go!"  He certainly hasn't dissapointed.

We've been presented with.....I don't know.... like 5 or so HUGE mission opportunities that are right here in our own backyard.  This has made me a bit scatter-brained at times. 


But I can't..... :(  I mean I could do them all, but my family would never see me, and I wouldn't do a very good job at any of them. 

Now is the hard part:  Discerning the ones that God has led us to take part in, and graciously declining the ones that we can't.  I hate saying no...  I hate not being there when I know that I could be helping someone.  We attend a newly planted church and there are a ton of things going on.  There are also a ton of needs to be met.  I think this next season God is going to be teaching me what I need to grab and run with, and what I need to encourage others to grab and run with.  After all, we can't do them all by ourselves.  Half of making disciples is sending them out and giving them responsibilities. 

Please keep our family in your prayers as we narrow down our options and decide what our family is best suited for.  Our roles in our community have been changing drastically over the last couple of months, so I don't want to let the cat out of the bag until we have a better idea of what we'll be doing.

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