Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Layla! The Match is Made

Last Friday Ryan got a phone call from our agency saying that a we'd been chosen.  I didn't want to get my hopes up about this precious gift because we still needed to speak with the mother ourselves before we were matched.  We were given her intake form on Monday.  Wednesday at 3pm we had a conference call with her.  We absolutely loved her!  It was like a match made in heaven (of course it was.)  The conversation was easy, despite my being extremely nervous about it.  God's hand was all over the whole thing, all the way down to the last tiny detail.  We've been praying so hard for this babe and so hard for her mother.  When E (the Birth Mother) told us that our adoption verse had helped her see that there truly is a reason for all of this, I almost broke down in tears.  That verse means so much to our family and all I could ask is for it to touch someone else the way it has touched us.  So, without further ado, we're officially MATCHED!

Now to talk about Layla:  She's going to be a beauty.  Ryan is already preparing to prevent all small male children from entering our house.  She's due on July 17th, the exact same day that Ryan's cousin is due to have her little girl.  We get to take a peek at her from the latest ulrasound this evening!  She's healthy and LOVES moving around.  God has been so gracious and has blessed us immensely with giving us a mother who truly loves her baby and is 100% confident that she wants us to be the parents. 

So now.....bring on the questions (because I know you all have a million)!

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  1. SOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!! So happy for you guys!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the ultrasound/ when she gets here!!!! You're going to be a great mom!


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