Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Asking.....

I was talking to a co-worker just yesterday about our t-shirt fundraiser, and after buying 7 shirts (yes, you read that right, 7 SHIRTS), she quoted me some scripture: James 4:2 "You have not, because you ask not."  First off, this is not the first verse that popped into my head when I was thinking about fundraising, etc, etc.  I assumed that by letting people know that we needed money to finish our adoption, that they would automatically get the hint and just give it to us.  Turns out, she's been listening to me talking about this for months now, but I had never come out and asked if she could help, so she never gave me anything.  Apparently a lot of people are just like her.  Since I gave all the money stuff to God and confessed to Him that I had no way of coming up with this money on my own, he has showed up in HUGE ways.  I'll provide you all with a brief list of the events that have occurred over the past week.

1) We recieved a rather large donation from a highschool friend of mine and his lovely wife literally an hour after I posted about how I was giving the money problems to God last week.  This gave us just enough to write a check to our agency to get current on our fees.  HUGE RELIEF!  Ryan and I were not at all expecting to get such a gift from these friends and we are soooo thankful for their support and prayers. 
2) We recieved a call from Project 1:27 (check them out here: ) informing us that they were going to be giving us their adoption grant.  We are so blessed to be part of a church that really values its role with widows and orphans.  We are now ahead of schedule with our fees! 
3) We got in touch with Ben Walker about creating adoption t-shirts to sell.  Ben works here:  He's helping so much with making sure that the shirts look amazing and that we can make as much money off of them as possible.  He gave us tons of advice about how to sell them and for what price, etc.  I've never made shirts before, so I'm really glad that he's helping with all of the little details. 
4) We've had a ton of people order shirts!  It seemed that all we had to do was actually tell people that we needed help with this, and simply ask if they'd donate or buy a shirt.  We've also had a lot of people just give us donations.  After only 2 or 3 days of advertising, we have 40 or so shirts sold!  It's been such a blessing to watch God work.

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