Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where is my Umbrella?

About midway through last week, I suddenly got struck with my absolute favorite ailment: stomach ulcers.  Note that I ONLY get these when I'm ridiculously stressed out.  I look at them as God's physical reminder to me that being stressed out about everything makes me and everyone around me suffer.  So, as I struggled through the day, trying to figure out what to do to get rid of the ulcers, I started realizing that I was worrying about WAY too much.  Between Ryan somehow managing to break his shoulder and the looming financial issues with our adoption, I realized that I was standing in the middle of a thunderstorm and I had forgotten to bring my umbrella (God). It's so true that when it rains, it pours.  I'm fairly certain that I'm in the rainy season and I've been relying completely on myself instead of letting Jesus take care of my junk.
This whole time I've been pretending like I'm not ridiculously worried about how we are going to come up with the money for our adoption.  I've been talking about how I need to give it to God, but I never actually have.  I've never wanted something to happen so badly, but not had the money or ability to do it myself.  Instead of letting God show up, I've been frantically brainstorming fundraising ideas (all of which never seem to work.) 

So in lieu of my realization that I'm getting soaking wet for no reason, other than just being stubborn (I'm sure that God has been waiting for me to get to this point for quite some time).  I spent the weekend doing things that I LOVE, and hanging out with people that I LOVE, and not worrying about the other stuff.

 My two favorite four-legged babies finally making friends with each other.
 Now that Maverick and Maddox (I know the names are too similar, but it's too late now) are buddies, Maddox has decided he needs to do what Maverick does..... Graze..
 Of all the things he could be doing.....he chooses to try and be a horse.
 Calmly watching as Maverick runs his energy out and pretends he's a race horse.
 Sunday afternoon's Carolina baseball game.  Thanks to my boss who gave Ryan and I free tickets to the whole series.  I was hot, sunburnt, and had a fabulous time.
 Chillaxin in the AWESOME hammock that Ryan bought me.  Oh how I love hammocks!
I also spent some time painting.  Here is a super early picture of a ridiculously large painting I just started working on.  Hooray!

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