Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Little Ladies: Fear and Chaos

Around two weeks ago, a friend of ours sent me an email.  There were 5 sisters who had recently been turned over to DSS and needed a home, a family. She said that she had been praying over it and felt God specifically telling her to pass the information along to me.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  Its strange how much more thought I'll put into things that seem absolutely ridiculous when someone mentions that God told them to tell me. 

My first thought was exactly the same as what you are thinking right now:  5!  HAHAHAHAHA!  There is NO way! 

5 Mexican girls + 1 Layla = 6 girls......

My brain, trying to process what that would look like, came up with this:
and got progressively worse........

which could turn into......

So I'm exagerating a bit.  But think about it!  It would be like living with "The View."  All 6 girls would be seperated by only 5 years......  That is a 16, 15,14,13, and two 12 years old girls all living under the same roof.  Ryan would have to be put in a mental hospital.

 Why would God want me to hear about this family of sisters?  Our new house doesnt even have a foundation yet, I'm not finished with school until August, and we are going to Europe for 2 weeks this summer.  There is no way we could take this on!  So I prayed.  And prayed.  And prayed some more.  And then I knew why I needed to know about this. 

So many times I talk the talk about orphan/ foster care.  I want these girls to have a home.  It may not be my home though.  Extra large families scare me.  The chaos of it is terrifying.  Two or three kids seem reasonable.....but not 6.  I can't keep 6 under control.  Maybe that's my problem.  I still want to be in control of what happens in my house.  Every time I think I've given control of my life and my future up to the One who is actually in control, I find that I'm still holding on to one last string, just in case. 

I know that we aren't the parents for these precious girls.  God has some special parents set aside for them.  He did point out to me how much of a hypocrite I really am.  Thankfully, that is what grace and forgiveness are for.


  1. I hope their story has a good ending.

  2. Sometimes God can use a situation to reveal what He wants to work on in your heart just as much as he might give you a situation that He wants you to step into. I think you have great wisdom to be able to discern which one this might be.

  3. The promise of our Savior: "I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you." Jno. 14:18


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