Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adoptable Tuesdays: Jay!

Father, these kids are YOUR kids. They were created perfect and beautiful, in your image. Work as only you can: Give them homes and give them love.  Heal their wounds and bind their hearts.  Give them a miracle......

I'm starting my first (and probably only) weekly themed blog post.  I'm happy to say that each Tuesday I will spend some time helping you get to know some of the foster children in South Carolina that are currently available for adoption.  Every week a different child will be featured.  The children listed have requested that DSS reach out and advertise for a family for them.  We've graciously been given permission from the South Carolina Heart Gallery to help in the hunt.  With that said, let's start off with some Stats for South Carolina's foster system.

There are 4854 children in foster care in SC
Children spend an average of 17 months in foster care
There are 3637 foster families licensed in SC
There are 688 foster children legally available for adoption
978 foster children are not legally adoptable
532 foster children were adopted in 2010 (71% were adopted by their foster parents)
Only 2/3 of foster children live in foster homes, the rest live in group care (Orphanages) and institutional settings.
Now you know.......

This week we're featuring Jay!

Jay’s enthusiasm for Science and Biology at school should help him reach his goal of becoming a pediatric nurse. For fun he enjoys playing basketball, baseball, and football. Jay’s favorite food is spaghetti, his favorite movie is The Green Hornet, and his favorite color is red. Jay dreams of joining a family that would provide him with a mom who can cook, a sports-minded dad, and an older brother or sister. He would also like to live in a house with a pool!

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