Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sometimes Crap Happens.....

I really enjoy writing and I love that I can use this blog to write about whatever I feel like.  The past two weeks have been kinda ridiculous, though, and writing has had to take a back seat to more important things. Prioritizing is key when your life is nutso like mine.  Priorities have been:
1. God
2. Husband
3. Child
4. School
5. Promises/other responsibilities
6. Blog

Sorry......but my relationship with the first three is pretty important.

Another reason I haven't posted a ton of awesome stuff lately is, well, life threw some crap at me.  Sometimes crap happens........

After all was said and done and I finally finished school/bridal/batchelorette parties/house selling madness, I apparently stressed myself out so much that I ended up in the ER monday night because of a migraine.  A couple of pain shots and a CT Scan later, and I was snoozing away in a cloud of drowsiness.  Tuesday morning proved to be just as crazy when Layla jumped off her changing table and busted her mouth open.  I don't even want to talk about how scary it was to look at her crying with blood streaming out of her mouth and all over her hands.  Turns out, the doc said we would have been in his office the next day regardless because she had an ear infection and thrush on her tongue. 

I seriously contemplated staying home from work and just hiding in my house today......

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  1. Welcome to the ceazy life known as parenthood. Hope the weekend is better for you guys. Feel better.


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