Thursday, May 10, 2012

Allowing Myself to Grieve, Finally

God has been opening up some wounds lately that I've never really dealt with.  There are two pretty good sized holes in my heart that never healed over.  Most of the time, I just skim over that part of our lives.  It was too painful to dwell on.  The facts are the same though, no matter how much I wish it never happened. 
We have had three children. 
We only have one now. 

I read this post and thought I would share.  It's less for you to read, and more for myself....

"I don’t know what caused her life to end here, but I do know she is in better hands. I know someday I will meet her, this child taught from the beginning by the most perfect parent; a child who has truly never breathed a moment outside His presence."
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  1. I am grieving with you, sweetheart. I don't know the full pain that you must feel, but having experienced pain myself, I know that some pains last a long, long time. But God is good and does well for us and Jesus bore our pains and that comforts me. I love you.

  2. Hey Anna - I am so sorry for the losses you have gone through. Praying for you now and so thankful for you!!


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