Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Casa De Shumpert: The Kitchen

I have this feeling that this blog is about to expand its horizons and take on some new aspects of our lives (mainly the building of our new home).  I hope this doesn't chase anyone away.  If you know us, we love house reno's and DIY projects so this is nothing new to you.

Last Friday Ryan and I met up with our builder to go over all of our finishing options for the new house that we're building.  Now I'm a fairly indecisive person, so it took a lot of thought before Friday to decide what look we were going for with the new house.  I'll spend some later posts going over what we decided on for the other rooms in the house, but today I want to focus on the kitchen. 

I like my kitchen in our current house, BUT its got a lot of tans and browns in it.  I'm not really a tan and brown kind of girl.  I love blacks and whites and greys.  I really love a modern kitchen.   You know, one that looks like this:
 I'm obsessed with dark cabinets with light colored granite and stainless steel.  Its so clean!  So this was what I was shooting for.  I didn't originally think I could get it because there wasn't any granites with whites and greys to choose from in our original selection.  But after a lot of thought, we decided to splurge a bit on the kitchen and upgrade our granite to a white and grey speckled thicker granite piece.  We ended up with this:
Sorry about the lighting.... my iphone was all I had and the lighting in that place was TERRIBLE.  Regardless, I'm ecstatic about the way the two go together. 

While we were there we were also informed that we get a tile backsplash with our home for free.  Hooray.  There was only three basic tile choices, so we went with the one with the grey tones to it.  We paid a little extra to get them to turn the tiles on a 45 degree angle.  It will look a bit like this:

The cabinet hardware options were pretty archaic (and cost extra!) so we opted to buy our own and install them later.  A modern kitchen needs modern looking hardware so we'll probably end up installing one of these two:

Last but not least, we took the plunge and opted to get all stainless steel appliances.  Our builder uses Frididaire, so these are the appliances we'll get:

So Yea I'm pretty happy about the way things are looking.  When the kitchen actually gets built, I'll post more pictures. 
So how do you like our choices?

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  1. The director at my kids' daycare mentioned that for her birthday her wish was to finally get hardware for her cabinets installed. They would have done it when the house was built but it would have been a $900 upgrade. This confuses me. I mean, really!? Cabinet hardware is an upgrade? Seems pretty standard to me. She had a friend do it for free, so I am sure Ryan can handle it for you.


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