Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the Lighter Side....

I've posted a lot of heavy stuff lately, probably because God's been breaking me with some heavy convictions. So today I'll keep it light with some Layla goodness.

My brother and his gf visited this past week all the way from Seattle. Layla absolutely adores them, and I'm pretty sure they adore her too.

Layla has recently mastered the art of sitting up. She now basically refuses to sit back.....ever. We walk in the stroller and she sits straight up. We take a bath and she sits straight up. We play with toys and she sits straight up. AND then she falls over trying to reach something and freaks out until she uprights herself. She's practically always smiling when she is doing her new thang. I'm guessing she is pretty proud of herself.

Also, she's got this new MichaelJordanTongueStickingOutOfTheSideOfHerMouth thing that she likes to do AT ALL TIMES right now. If you look real close below, you can see it. Pretty stinking hillarious and adorable.


  1. Anna, i love reading all the updates about yours and Ryan's little girl!! She is really adorable! May God continue to bless the three of you!

  2. Bwahahahahaha! That is TOO cute! She definitely looks happiest when sitting up. :o)

  3. Such a cutie! Little girls are the best.

  4. I read this post and thought it would be something you could relate to. Hope you like it.


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