Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Out Of Control!

Layla's hair is anyways......

I don't think I've ever posted about it, but Layla has some RIDICULOUS hair.  I've had my fair share of interesting hair connundrums, but never anything of this magnitude.  I mean let's be honest, I've got white people hair, and Layla's got......Layla hair.....  There really is no other way to describe it.  Just the quantity of hair that sits on her pretty little head is enough to make most people run away screaming. 

I'm hoping someone out there in cyberspace world can help me tame the beast.

So here's what we're dealing with folks:

1. Super tight curls.  Her hair is actually around 4 inches long, but you wouldn't know it.
2. Curly, not kinky.
3. Moderately dry, but still soft.
4. She runs her hands through it a lot.  The girl likes to play with hair....
5. Really thick on top.
6. The Problem Spot...... the spot in the back of her head.  The hair is thinner and seems to be of a different texture.  This hair gets tangled easily and tends to get kind of (for lack of a better word) "nappy."  It may be the same as the rest of her hair, but just gets rubbed a lot.  I think the car seat and/or mattress is the culprit for causing this spot. 

So I need your help!  I currently wash her hair about ever 3 days or so.  I shampoo it with curly shampoo and leave in the conditioner.  I've tried putting regular lotion, curling lotion and baby oil on it, but nothing seems to keep that problem spot from reappearing. 

Any suggestions?


  1. Marcus has that same problem spot!! His hair definitely isn't as thick and sweet as Layla's, but I think we are going to be stuck with that "spot" for awhile! Keep doing what you are doing, her hair looks awesome AND healthy!

  2. make sure you are using a shampoo/conditioner with no sulfates or parabens!

  3. Pediatric nurse I know says that the bald spot is normal for any baby and it always grows back so not to worry.

  4. my daughter had the same spot. it's gonna last for a while and be nappy. after she turned one, i used pantene pro-v conditioner for colored women and would leave it in overnight. Oh!!! and i almost forgot, i can't find this in the stores anymore, but as a baby, there was a product line for babies that i LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED. i almost forgot since i haven't had it in so long...but here's their website I used the "Soft & Precious Moisturizing Creme Hair Dress Extra Dry" when her hair was dry and i wanted to brush/fix her hair. if her hair was damp, i'd put "Soft & Precious Moisturizing Detangling Spray" in it first to detangle & then fix it. and for washing, i used "Soft & Precious 2N1 Baby Bath & Conditioning Shampoo." sorry i wrote so much, but wanted to share what i used on my bi-racial daughter when she was little. now i play around with herbal essences hydralicious/no more frizz, frizzease, garnier fructice sleek & shine, and tresemme. but she's 6.5yrs old now.

  5. ps-the creme will help keep the bald spot smoother, but you'll just have to wait for the spot to be covered altogether. probably around a year old? can't remember when my daughter's went away. don't use baby oil! :-)


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